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In an exciting move for Solarflare, Flareon server adapters are now TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant, meaning that the United States federal government and defense agencies can now take advantage of Solarflare’s technology. Given Solarflare’s market leadership in providing networking solutions to many demanding customers in the fintech space, TAA compliance is the next logical step for a company uniquely equipped to handle the networking demands of the U.S. government.

Delivering high performance and latency reducing functionality, Flareon Ultra dual-port 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) and Flareon 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) server adapters will enable critical government networks to accelerate, monitor and secure their infrastructures.

Solarflare’s Flareon server adapters increase network efficiency through guaranteed, dedicated performance that meets the escalating requirements of applications, including:

  • Cloud infrastructures
  • Virtualized data centers
  • Web 2.0 applications
  • Content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Big data
  • High-performance computing services.

Flareon adapters support the PCIe 3.0 server interface, a premier network platform for enabling next-generation cloud computing and software defined networks (SDNs). Through a unique combination of software and hardware architecture, these adapters enable network functions virtualization (NFV) and SDN service chaining within the server. Ultra-low latency features such as direct packet transfer (TxPIO) mode, including a templated send API, supports the PCIe interface. CPU loads are reduced while packet delivery is optimized through UDP multicast replication, integrated layer 2 switching capability and VLAN insertion/removal, along with TCP segmentation offload (TSO).

As government network performance and security measures continue to grow in importance, Solarflare’s ability to provide reliable and proven solutions to the U.S. government is an important step in monitoring, accelerating, and securing the most critical of networks.

As Solarflare CEO Russell Stern recently put it, “Government IT managers face large scale IT problems and Solarflare’s technology is built to provide the extra processing horsepower that these organizations need to accomplish their mission. Solarflare’s technology provides the first real integration of both high performance computing and endpoint security from the same hardware investment.” By streamlining performance and security within Flareon technology, networks no longer have to sacrifice performance in order to receive proactive protected.

US Government customers can purchase Solarflare Flareon through ClearShark, a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator for the government and commercial sectors.

ClearShark is excited about the move. As Director of Engineering and Technology Finn Ramsland, Sr. said, “Solarflare’s TAA compliant status enables us to sell their best of breed products to government customers who demand a high level of performance including enhanced, real-time intelligence processing and security capabilities.”