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Chi-X Australia, the second largest trading venue in the Australian market, recently took steps to ensure their networking capabilities were best in class by partnering with Solarflare. By implementing the Flareon Ultra™ 7122 Series 10GbE PCIe 3.0 server I/O adapters, Chi-X Australia will be able to offer market participants the ability to accelerate the speed and efficiency of their trading strategies by providing ultra-low latency connectivity and enhanced packet processing. This is the latest example of how Solarflare continues to power the future of financial institutions’ complex networking needs.


Launched in 2011 as an alternative trading venue for ASX-listed securities, today Chi-X Australia regularly records over $1BN daily trading activity and a total market share of over 20%. They’ve achieved sweeping success by taking an innovative approach to order types and cost effective product offerings that have attracted nearly 40 market participants. It’s a great next step to see Chi-X extending its innovation to its server needs, where even shaving a few hundredths of a millisecond off trade speed provides a huge competitive advantage for platforms that deal in high frequency and algorithmic trading strategies.

“Solarflare’s technology has become the gold standard for electronic trading innovation,” said Mike Aikins, CTO of Chi-X Australia. “We have already begun to see significant improvements to the efficiency and throughput of our daily network traffic, and look forward to working with Solarflare to provide our trading partners with the connectivity and market access they have come to expect from Chi-X Australia.”



Chi-X Australia will be deploying Solarflare’s adapter technology as part of their core matching engine, and will be leveraging the company’s Open Onload application accelerator to provide robust, compliant TCP processing with extremely low latency for best in class trade execution. This is an exciting partnership that further extends Solarflare’s reach in global financial trading exchanges, fueling top market performance by providing the fastest, most stable and secure networking solutions available.