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Michael Ofstedahl

Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Solarflare

Michael Ofstedahl is responsible for leading and accelerating the worldwide sales team at Solarflare.

Ofstedahl joins Solarflare with over 30 years of executive experience in successfully developing and leading private and publicly held companies. Ofstedahl’s leadership roles have put him at the helm of companies in the enterprise computing, data storage, networking, PC, and mobile eCommerce fields. From sales to business development to C-level leadership positions, Ofstedahl has worked in nearly every facet of tech companies. Ofstedahl was previously Vice President of Business Development at Avalanche Technology, where his leadership helped position Avalanche as a leading innovator of breakthrough next generation non-volatile magnetic memory technology. Prior to that, he served as President and CEO of SiliconStor Inc. and Velio Communications, where he led strategic acquisitions made by Rambus and LSI. Throughout his accomplished career, Ofstedahl has been a key driver of disrupting the marketplace with innovative technology and strategic partnerships key to each company’s success. He has expanded and driven global brand recognition while generating significant global revenues. Ofstedahl holds dual certificates in Executive Management from the University of California Irvine and the Haas business school at Berkeley, as well as a BS in Marketing from San Jose State University.