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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.03.51 PMFrom its unrivaled architectural flexibility to its lightning fast acceleration capabilities, Solarflare’s second-generation ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) server adapter is a massive breakthrough in ultra-low latency networking.

The AOE is the industry’s only FPGA-integrated 40Gb Ethernet server adapter. By providing world-class adapter hardware, a high-performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a robust firmware development kit (FDK), the AOE allows users to customize applications and tailor on-the-fly performance to specific trading environments. This fully revamped AOE gives existing customers more options, while the new half-length form factor means the AOE can be implemented by a variety of users. Solarflare’s new AOE can massively accelerate user applications, including high frequency trading, virtualization, big data, and high performance computing environments.

Three ways Solarflare’s new AOE is a game changer: 

1. AOE’s open platform allows for processing network data on the fly, enabling users to accelerate applications by migrating portions of their business logic into hardware.

2. AOE’s network interface can be augmented with new features, such as monitoring and security. This means users who are building out network-intensive applications that require extreme low latency won’t pay a performance penalty.

3. A nanosecond TCP stack (ANTS) enables TCP-based applications to be implemented entirely on the FPGA. Delivering robust, compliant TCP processing with extremely low latency, ANTS scales to large numbers of TCP connections. Plus, ANTS consumes far less memory and resources than other solutions, which eliminates the need for costly TCP Offload Engines.

Essentially, the updated AOE improves server utilization by reducing CPU, memory, and I/O load—all of which increases the efficiency of processing cycles. The Open FDK allows developers to focus solely on application logic, speeding up time to implementation. And applications can leverage up to 8x10GbE or 2x40GbE interfaces. The winning combo of Solarflare’s industry-leading server I/O adapter with the latest FPGA technology – and its associated FDK – allows users to dramatically reduce trading strategy implementation times and enjoy unparalleled levels of trading performance.