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Solarflare will be speaking along with other industry leaders at the upcoming Securities Technologies Analysis Center summits(STAC) in London and New York. STAC Summits bring together industry leaders from top financial and technology firms to discuss the latest business issues and technical trends around big data, fast data and big compute.


Solarflare will speak to how financial services can improve networked instrumentation and time stamping reportable events. This is a crucial topic for firms that perform high frequency trading, as increasing regulations calling for precise time stamping are already being rolled out in Europe in the MIFID II regulations have been finalized in Europe and will roll out by 2017. SEC regulations on time stamping are also a big topic of discussion, with possibly stricter regulations on the horizon for U.S. traders as well.


By combining low latency servers with built-in precise time stamping of every trade, Solarflare’s technology enables global financial services to stay ahead of regulations, while also gleaning important data during every stage of a trade’s life cycle. Here are four ways Solarflare provides the best network solutions for HFT network environments:


1. Solarflare enables all instrumented (and “reportable”) events across both applications (software) and the network (hardware) to leverage time-stamps that are precise, accurate and comparable.


2.  Our network adapter technology provides best-in-class performance and efficiency, simultaneously supporting time synchronization (hardware-assisted, adapter to adapter and adapter to host), timestamping of frames, and line-rate kernel-bypass packet capture that exceed forthcoming MIFID II data logging requirements.


3. SolarCapture Pro enables multiple parallel instances of applications to process captured data, eliminating application and host bottlenecks that can cause dropped packets. This allows the application to process millions of packets per second, and can be configured to spread capture loads over a larger number of network cores to reduce processing times.


4. Capture SolarSystem provides a high-performance turn-key packet capture and persistence platform for direct consumption of network traffic, making it easier to simultaneously capture and index data in real-time.


The STAC Summit should provide great discussion and insights among industry leaders as financial services must look to improve performance, security, and find cost-effective ways to comply with increasing regulations on high frequency trading.