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San Francisco based startup CloudFlare is well on its way to revolutionizing the Internet, with a little help from Solarflare. Utilized by over 2,000,000 sites and counting, CloudFlare  accelerates, optimizes, and protects websites, leading to 50% faster load times while using 60% less bandwidth. They also block threats and limit abusive bots from interfering with site performance, making it a win-win for business owners and customers alike.

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CloudFlare’s goal of wanting to power and protect the entire Internet is an ambitious one, but they’re well on their way, already processing over a trillion requests per month through their network. This is why CloudFlare turned to Solarflare for their server solutions, needing a 10 GbE capable of keeping pace with their massive growth and rapid-fire networking needs. Solarflare 10GbE Onload has stepped up the plate to deliver the lowest latency, highest performance, and most scalable solution to enhance CloudFlare’s quest to improve the Internet for businesses and individuals around the world. Cloudflare Software Engineer Marek Majkowski recently called Solarflare’s OpenOnload a “magical network accelerator” for its kernal bypass abilities.


A recent New York Times article highlights how CloudFlare is already making huge strides in making the internet a faster, safer, and more secure place to do business. Tackling one of the most difficult areas on the planet to get reliable Internet service, CloudFlare recently partnered with Baidu—China’s equivalent of Google. In a new kind of partnership that will set the precedent for the industry, CloudFlare has paired its web traffic technology with Baidu’s data center network to empower an Internet super highway in China. Billions of users who were once hindered by the so-called “Great Firewall” are now experiencing super fast load times thanks to CloudFlare and Baidu’s virtual joint venture. Foreign sites are more easily accessible in China now thanks to a unified network, which also allows Chinese sites to run in destinations outside the country. Since the fast-lane began operating last December, CloudFlare and Baidu said they have registered 450,000 businesses, accounting for 57 billion page views per month.

An even more impressive figure: both companies estimated that over a period of 24 hours on Wednesday, their service saved about 243 years in time that Chinese users would’ve spent waiting for pages to download!

Solarflare is proud to partner with a startup nimble enough to zip over the Great Firewall of China millions of times a day. CloudFlare will be an exciting online security company to watch as they continue to change the way people around the world use the Internet, safely and speedily.